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MARCO POLO: an opportunity for a mutual learning

MARCO POLO project has been launched in October 2016 and will be running till 2019. It is founded under the Erasmus+ programme, and matches the needs of 7 South-East Asian Universities - in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam - to improve interregional and international cooperation of High Education Institutions and the willing of three European Universities - in UK, Austria and Spain - to learn from the way of working of the South-East Asian colleagues.

The objective is to contribute to develop international cooperation; to enhance strategic, human and infrastructural capacities for the management of International Relations in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia; and to develop a multi-regional network as a platform for the exploitation of synergies in International Relations.


Kick-of meeting in Seville

Last 20th to 21st February 2017, MARCO POLO partners personally met at the University of Seville facilities. During this time, the representatives of all partner Universities had the opportunity to share their points of view and expectations about this interesting project.

The first day, all partners presented their institutions in order to know each other, the profile of the universities, what they can offer and what they want to achieve being part of the project. The second day of the meeting, partners discussed about the activities to be developed and the working methodologies. They also had the opportunity to taste the typical food of Spain at lunch time, a well-deserved break in the middle of a hard-working day.


Synergies start!

Right after the Kick off meeting, partners from Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia visited the European Universities of Seville (in Spain), Heriot-Watt (in Edinburg, UK) and FH Joanneum (in Graz, Austria) with the objective of having a deeper knowledge of the International Relation Offices management, and directly learn from their European counterparts.

The visit to the International Centre of the University of Seville allowed the South-East Asian participants to meet the staff and ask them about their daily tasks, making a comparison of their structures of international relations and the University of Seville and learning about best practices and how to apply them in their International Centres.

On 23rd February, Asian partners arrived at Edinburgh and they started the visit at the Heriot-Watt University, where they learnt about their Internationalisation strategies, the Go Global Programme they are implementing, and the Internationalisation activities of the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies.

The last, but not least important, step in the European visit of the Asian colleagues was the University FH Joanneum. There, they learnt about internationalisation in Research and Development, they focused in international relations at the Medical University of Graz, and they had a presentation of the International Office, cooperation with other universities, guidance and mentoring of foreign students.

You can now visit the MARCO POLO webpage!

The MARCO POLO project webpage is already running!

The webpage with the objectives of the project, all activities and news is already available. You can now have an in-deep view of the implementation of MARCO POLO project, the exchange of knowledge and good practices among partners and a follow-up of the activities.

The web is distributed in different sections where you can find an abstract and main objective of the project, the products and outputs to be accomplished, the partners and their improvements and information about the project development, partner meetings and much more. All the projects results will be included on the website, do not miss our progress!


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