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MARCO POLO: an opportunity for a mutual learning

The objective of WP3 is to foster international cooperation in T/L/R, and show the benefits of opening HEIs to international experineces in these essential aspects of the lives of HEIs.

Seminars of WP3

Within the framework of WP3 two different kinds of seminars have been implemented during the months of August and September in the universities of all SEA partners of the project. In this occasion the thematises of the seminars were: "Seminar 3.2 Raising Standards in T/L through international cooperation & 3.3 "Boosting Research Capacities through International Cooperation”. The seminars were conducted by EU experts from HWU, FHJ and US (professors and staff) and the feedback obtained was very positive, some of the participants also pointed out the high level of the speakers and the useful knowledge that they gained.

Some partners took also the opportunity to organise other activities related to the project as UM did, holding the 1st National Roundtable in Malaysia, that could count on with the presence of a US expert.

State of the art and next steps: 3.7 Mobilities of students & professors and 2nd International Conference: International Cooperation in T/L/S

Currently we are finalising the implementation of WP3 named “Development of Potentials for International Cooperation in T/L/R” and more specifically working on the most challenging issue of this WP, carrying on students and professors mobilities not only on-site but also on-line. The indicators of this activity foreseen a total of 60 students and 39 professors that will be benefited with a mobility and will spend 1-2 weeks in an international HEI of the project.

On the other hand, a new International Conference will be organising and, in this case, HANU will be the university partner in charge of its organisation. The event will be implemented in HANU’s facilities in Hanoi during the first week of next December. Along with this conference partners will also celebrate the 3rd Partner Meeting.

In the next Newsletter we will give you more details about all these activities and their development.

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