National Roundtables in Vietnam

December 15, 2017

On Friday 8th December, Hanoi Universtiy and PTIT co-organised the first National Roundtables in Vietnam. The event was held in HANU campus in Hanoi.

Over 130 participants attended the event which was aimed at raising awareness about the project, disseminate knowledge and information related to international funding projects and sharing experience in finding funds and managing Eramus+ projects to a range of audiences including the Vice Presidents, lecturers, administration staff from different departments, technical and management staff involved international cooperation and students. There were 5 presentations made by Marco Polo project members from both HANU and PTIT.

  1. Marco Polo Project Overview – PTIT
  2. Internationalisation in Education and expansion of international cooperation network at HEIs – HANU
  3. International Cooperation at Hanoi University – HAN
  4. EU funding sources for International Cooperation – HANU
  5. SPIC in PTIT – PTIT